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New PSDG-48 Series
GAIA Converter introduces the PSDG-48: 48W Hi-Rel integrated power supply, 28VDC input, multi-outputs...
New FLHG-60-M-N
FLHG-60 Series 60W DC/DC Input Bus Conditioner High Reliability Design is Optimized for Mil/Aero Distributed...
MGRI Series-mini
New MGRI Series
New 20W, 40W, 80W with 12:1 input voltage range DC-DC converter with re-inforced isolation from GAIA...
New MGDM-250
Brand new High Reliability grade 1/4 Brick 250W DC/DC Converter for mission critical applications.
New MGDM-500
GAIA Converter is pleased to announce the only 500W board mounted isolated DC/DC converter with 9 to...
New MGDM-201
The new series is designating a Hi-Rel Grade family of versatile 200W power isolated DC/DC converter...
New MGDM-160
The MGDM-160 comes in a fully potted metallic case with a a single output, delivering 160W in a quarter...
New MGDI-254
GAIA Converter, has released a new family of quarter brick DC/DC converter with unprecedent power 200W...