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New MGDM-250

Press Release – April 2022

GAIA Converter is pleased to announce a new Quarter Brick DC/DC Converter Series: The MGDM-250 Series

Brand new High Reliability grade 1/4 Brick 250W DC/DC Converter for mission critical applications.

This new converter is available in a 9-36Vdc input range with 5, 12, 15 and 24Vdc voltage output, and sustains a 40Vdc / 100ms Transient.
The single output features a voltage trim range of + or – 10%.
The synchronization as an option to design highly optimized distributed power architectures.

With an efficiency up to 91% and its numerous features such as Undervoltage Lock-Out, Over-Voltage Protection, IMS to ease thermal management, etc. the MGDM-250 Series brings solution to the Brick Medium Power product range of GAIA Converter.

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