Redefining the sources of power

Semi Custom Solutions

Simplifying your future

GAIA Converter’s engineering and development teams are here to support you on specific projects that require extra development to achieve your design with semi-custom solutions in the following:

Modular Products

Derivative product based on our standard modules with some modifications:

  • Different input or ouput
  • Different electronic function (start up time, frequency, synchronization…)
  • Different housing

Adapted converters modules for specific applications:

  • New Space applications
  • Nuclear applications
  • High temperature application from -60°C to 150°C
  • M.R.O. (Maintenance, Repair,…)
Power assembly architecture

Depending on your project, GAIA Converter is able to propose a global Cost-effective solution, using our COTS modular architecture philosophy.

Hi-Rel or industrial Board for low power application (50W)
High Density High Power DC/DC power supply

800W 28V, MIL-STD-704 application (120x100x60mm)

1000W 24V, industrial application (180x 150x16mm)