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Hold-Up Value Calculator

Hold-up value Calculator

GAIA Converter proposes a hold-up calculator to determine the hold-up capacitor value, in the following configuration:

The capacitor value is calculated by the formula: C hold-up = 2 * P out * t / Eff * (V² cap - UVLO²), where

  • C hold-up = minimum hold-up capacitor value (F)
  • t = hold-up time required (s)
  • P out = DC/DC converter output power (W)
  • Eff = DC/DC converter efficiency (%)
  • V cap = capacitor voltage (V)
  • UVLO = converter Under Voltage Lock Out (V)

Note : PF is the Power fail voltage of the Hold-up module. This value can be tuned on HUGD300 only. In all cases PF should be greater or equals to UVLO.

Enter all the values required for the calculation :

Hold-up time required : (ms)

Capacitor Voltage (Vc) : (V)

  • With HUGD50 Vc=38v
  • With HUGD300 Vc= 12v up to 80v
  • With LHUG150-N Vc= 65v

Minimum input voltage of the converter : (V)

Ouput power delivered by the converter : (w)

Converter average efficiency : (%)