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New MGDM-160 Series

Press Release – February 2021

GAIA Converter is pleased to announce a new Quarter Brick DC/DC Converter Series: The MGDM-160 Series

The MGDM-160 comes in a fully potted metallic case with a a single output, delivering 160W in a quarter brick package. It offers a new way for engineers and power supply designers to define the power architecture that will meet a wide range of needs.

Features and benefits of the MGDM-160 series include :
• 160w in a 1/4 brick package
• Wide Input Range : 9 – 45 Vdc
• High power density and efficiency
• Flexible +10 % -20 % output voltage trim
• Perfect heat transference thanks to its fully potted case and its metallic substrate.

Learn more about it here