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AC/DC Power Factor Corrected

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AC/DC Power Factor Corrected Front-Ends

GAIA Converter’s AC/DC power-factor corrected front-end modules are DO-160, ABD-100, and Mil-Std-704 compliant. They are compatible with common airborne AC input bus voltages and variable frequencies.

They are particularly adapted to centralized power architectures in conjunction with PoL or isolated DC modules.

GAIA Converter’s AC/DC front-end modules have a soft-start, active current limitation, short circuit protection, and inhibit function. The soft-start/active current limitation prevents inrush current during start-up. The short circuit protection safeguards the module against short circuits by shutting down and restoring to normal when the overload is removed.

GAIA Converter’s products under 50W offer two isolated low voltage outputs. Products above 150W provide non-isolated high voltage output.

AC/DC PFC Series
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Series Grade Data Sheets Output power RoHS / SnPb Input voltage Max transient input voltage Min transient input voltage Input voltage frequency Output Nbr Output voltage Output current GAIA Overall package Switching frequency Isolation voltage Standard electrical functions
HGMM-35 35 W (W) : 95 - 140 Vac (W) : 180 Vac / 100 ms (W) : N/A (W) : 360 - 800 Hz Dual [D] 2 x 17 Vdc 2 x 1.05 A 3.0-2.0-0.5 160 KHz 1500 Vrms OVP, SCP
HGMM-50 50 W (W) : 95 - 140 Vac (W) : 180 Vac / 100 ms (W) : N/A (W) : 360 - 800 Hz Dual [D] 2 x 17 Vdc 2 x 1.05 A 3.0-2.0-0.5 225 KHz 1500 Vrms OVP, SCP
HGMM-150 150 W (W) : 95 - 140 Vac (W) : 180 Vac / 100 ms (W) : N/A (W) : 360 - 800 Hz Dual [D] 375 Vdc 0.4 A 2.5-2.5-0.5 (Half brick) 250 Khz N/A OPP, SCP, OTP
350 W (W) : 95 - 140 Vac
(X) : 95 - 140 Vac
(Y) : 85 - 265 Vac
(W) : 180 Vac / 100 ms
(X) : 180 Vac / 100 ms
(Y) : N/A
(W) : N/A
(X) : N/A
(Y) : N/A
(W) : 360 - 800 Hz
(X) : 47 - 440 Hz
(Y) : 45 / 65 Hz
Dual [D] 375 (420 for Y Input) Vdc 0.9 A 2.5-2.5-0.5 (Half brick) 250 KHz N/A OPP, SCP, OTP

Output Nbr: S: Single output, B: Bi-outputs, D: Dual outputs, T: Triple outputs – Dual outputs products can be usable for single output or bi-outputs. Output Nbr E corresponds to a slave module (see DataSheet)
Values of Inputs: each value is associated to the GAIA Converter code (between brackets)
Values of Outputs: each value is associated to Output Number (between brackets)
GAIA overall package: GAIA specific designation based on dimensions in inches with a tolerance around ± 10% – Consult DataSheet for precise dimensions
Standard electrical functions: Case: Case connection, OVLO: Input overvoltage lockout, UVLO: Input under voltage lockout, OCP: Output over current protection level, OPP: Output over power protection, OVP: Output over voltage protection level, SCP: Output short circuit protection, OTP: Over temperature protection, VIF: Pin for Input Current Ripple Reduction, SYNC: Pin for Synchronisation, TRIM: Pin for adjust ouput voltage, ITRIM: Pin for adjustement ouput current limitation, CC: Pin for capacitor charged signal, CD: Pin for capacitor discharged signal, UVLOadj: Pin for level undervoltage lockout adjust, VREF: Pin for output internal voltage reference, PF: Pin for power fail signal, SENSE: Pin for voltage regulation, REV.POL: Reverse polarity protection, SHARE: Pin for output current parallel sharing
Options: T Screening at start-up -55° C, Y High isolation 3000 Vdc, M On/Off function, S Screening and serialization, F Synchronization function, P Share function