Hi-Rel Grade, AC/DC Isolated PFC, 50 W

General Characteristics

  • Additional functions : on/off
  • External synchronization range : no synchro
  • Galvanic isolation input/output : 1 500 Vrms
  • Nominal power up to : 50 W
  • Protections : output short circuit, output over voltage
  • Switching frequency : 225 KHz
  • Trim adjustment : no trim
  • RoHs

Key Features

  • Active PFC
  • Dedicated for 115 Vac applications
  • Low input current harmonic distortion < 10%
  • MIL-STD-704, DO-160, ABD100 compliant
  • Standard 3" x 2" package

Series Description
The GAIA Converter HGMM-50 series designates a family of active power factor corrected AC/DC isolated modules designed to be compatible with the latest airborne input bus with single phase 115 Vac / 400 Hz variable frequency. This module accepts a variable frequency input from 360 to 800 Hz in the range of 95 to 140 Vac and an active power factor that enables a very low level of current and voltage harmonic distorsion over the entire frequency excursion. 
The HGMM-50 series is compliant with numereous avionics/military standards among them with: 
- the latest Airbus standards ABD100: 
. permanent input range: 108-122 Vac 
. transient: 71Vac/15ms - 180Vac/100ms 
. variable frequency: 360 - 800 Hz 
. power factor: 0.95 
- the international standard DO-160D: 
. permanent input range: 100-122 Vac 
. transient: up to 180Vac/100ms 
- the US military standard MIL-STD-704E: 
. permanent input range: 108-118 Vac 
. transient: 80Vac/10ms - 180Vac/100ms.
The HGMM-50 series includes a soft start, a permanent short circuit protection and an inhibit fuction. The soft-start allows current limitation and eliminates inrush current during start-up. The short circuit protection completely protects the module against short-circuits of any duration by a shut down and restores to normal when the overload is removed. 
The HGMM-50 series includes a model available with dual 2 x 17 Vdc outputs serialisable/parallable 17 or 34 Vdc to optimize the use of hold-up capacitance. 
The HGMM-50 series has to be used as front-end in conjunction with a capacitance for hold-up and DC/DC modules at the output. 
The design has been carried out with surface mount components and is manufactured in a fully automated process to guarranty high quality. Every module is tested with a GAIA Converter automated test equipment. The modules are potted with a bi-component thermal conductive compound and packaged in a metalic case to ensure the module's integrity under high environmental conditions.
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Product Selection

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Reference Status Output power Input voltage Max. transient input voltage Switching frequency Output voltage Output current Min. transient input voltage Output Nbr Max power per channel Case dimensions Standard electrical functions Operating case temp. range Case material Isolation voltage Synchronization freq. range Efficiency Weight Power factor Total harmonic distorsion Options RoHS / SnPb
HGMB-50-W-17 Active 50 W 95 - 140 Vac 180.0 Vac / 100 ms, 71.0 Vac / 15 ms 225 KHz 82.7 x 48.7 x 12.7 mm OVP, SCP -40 to 105 °C Metallic black anodized coating 1500 Vrms 80 % 80 Grams S

Output Nbr: S: Single output, B: Bi-outputs, D: Dual outputs, T: Triple outputs – Dual outputs products can be usable for single output or bi-outputs. Output Nbr E corresponds to a slave module (see DataSheet)
Case dimensions: L x W x H (maximum values in mm)
Standard electrical functions: Case: Case connection, OVLO: Input overvoltage lockout, UVLO: Input under voltage lockout, OCP: Output over current protection level, OPP: Output over power protection, OVP: Output over voltage protection level, SCP: Output short circuit protection, OTP: Over temperature protection, VIF: Pin for Input Current Ripple Reduction, SYNC: Pin for Synchronisation, TRIM: Pin for adjust ouput voltage, ITRIM: Pin for adjustement ouput current limitation, CC: Pin for capacitor charged signal, CD: Pin for capacitor discharged signal, UVLOadj: Pin for level undervoltage lockout adjust, VREF: Pin for output internal voltage reference, PF: Pin for power fail signal, SENSE: Pin for voltage regulation, REV.POL: Reverse polarity protection, SHARE: Pin for output current parallel sharing
Status NPR: Not preferred for new Design
Options: T Screening at start-up -55° C, Y High isolation 3000 Vdc, M On/Off function, S Screening and serialization, F Synchronization function, P Share function

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Materials Disclosure Disclaimer
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