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Three-Phase PFC for Aircraft Application with 12kW/dm3 Power Density

Technical Article – Authors: N. Alonso, A. Castro, G. Salinas, J.A. Oliver, P. Alou,R. Deniéport and J-N. Mamousse


 Aircraft applications are in continuous need to reduce equipment volume to optimize fuel and weight. Power converters are an essential part of this volume since electric distribution has either AC and DC buses. In this research project, a 3-Phase PFC Rectifier is designed along with the EMI filter so to improve the most the power density and reach up to 12 kW/dm3. Power must be delivered even in a phase fault , so electrical protections are necessary.

3-Phase Buck and Swiss rectifiers are two PFC topologies considered thanks to the possibility of 2-phase operation. A second step-up stage is needed to reach the required output voltage. THD, low order harmonics and EMI-DO-160 regulations must be complied with.