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The GRD-12A is a reference design board based on the latest generation of GAIA Converter COTS modules.

The GRD-12A is a multiple outputs board fully configurable and capable of delivering up to 120W spread over 3 main output channels and 2 auxiliary channels.

The board is intended to demonstrate the applicability and performances of converters from the MGDD series.

The board is more than a simple architecture distributing several modules on a single power supply, as it leverages all the functions of GAIA Converter modules to achieve a smarter, smaller and more efficient power supply.

GRD-12A Series
  • Configurable
  • 3 channels
  • Up to 7 outputs
  • Output 3.3V to 52V
  • Inrush Current Protected
  • Spike & Surge Protected
  • Multi Standard
    • Mil-Std-1275
    • Mil-Std-704
    • Mil-Std-461

Please consult factory for more information.

Overall specifications: