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AC Industrial Power Architecture

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Industrial applications from 85Vac to 265Vac

To cope with the particular requirements of this market, GAIA Converter proposes typical off-the-shelf modular AC Industrial Power Architecture:

Left part 115-230Vac Table

Compliant with Industrial Standards

(1) Maximum possibility of input voltage variation, for a duration > 2ms,
(2) Input range of usable GAIA DC/DC converter Module,
(3) See Application Note (ANGxxx).

  • HGMM/HGMS series: essential functions such as soft start, active inrush current limitation, permanent short circuit protection and inhibit function. The modules are potted with a bi-component thermal conductive compound and packaged in a metallic case to ensure the module’s integrity under high environmental conditions. 
  • MGDI series: at the heart of a the power system, GAIA Converter offers a complete series of low profile, cost-effective and high performance modules that come in multiple combinations of input voltages, output possibilities and power ratings

Whatever your power system need, GAIA Converter has a modular architecture using standard products to provide an instant solution to a wide range of industrial applications…