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EMC Reduction Methods in Switching Mode Power Supplies

Newsletter – September 2022


EMC Reduction Methods in Switching Mode Power Supplies

Switching Mode Power Supplies (SMPS) are prevalent in modern electronics due to their high power efficiency. One of the rare drawbacks of SMPS dc/dc converters is the noise generated onto the input bus, due to their switching operating mode.

Unlike linear power supplies, Switching Mode Power Supplies such as DC/DC converters, generate conducted switching current noise which induces radiated noise emissions. The regulatory standards that rule SMPS performance impose limits on conducted and radiated noise. For simple architectures using only one switcher, it is usually sufficient to mitigate the current noise using LC filters.

As architectures become more complex with several output channels and several switchers, it’s now possible to leverage Gaia’s modular solution functions to reduce or even cancel the fundamental switching frequency tone of architecture conducted noise.

A typical application is shown below:

Application Note 005061 Synchronizing SMPS to improve EMC compliance

MGDD Series Isolated and MPGS Non Isolated DC/DC Products with Synchronization Capability

Gaia Converter offers a complete line of isolated DC-DC Converters for Military, Avionics, Rail and other rugged Industrial applications.
These converters range from 4W to 500W output power and multiple input voltage ranges and single, dual or triple output configurations.

LHUG-150 Series Input Bus Conditioner

The LHUG-150-N is an ultra compact Mil/Aero multi-standard, voltage and power conditioner dedicated to Gaia Converter’s latest generation DC/DC converters (i.e with 9-60Vdc permanent input voltage).

The LHUG-150-N allows setting the output power protection limit as well as reducing EMI due to Gaia Converter’s bi-phase synchronization drive function. The LHUG-150-N has been designed to easily build complex multiple output architectures up to 120W .

FGDS Series EMI Filters

Gaia also offers a full family of state-of-the-art EMI filter modules to meet and exceed Electromagnetic Interferences (EMI) requirements for Aerospace/Defense applications in a very compact and low loss solution requiring up to 35 amps of input current.


High-Rel Grade DC-DC modules are
designed specifically to meet key
Avionics/Defense performance
specifications for bus input compatibility,
EMI/RFI requirements, severe
environments and operating temperatures
of -40°C to +105°C (-55°C also available).
This line of products satisfies the
Department of Defense for Non
Development Items (NDI) and
Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS)

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