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System Power Sequencing of Multiple Points of Load Utilizing Gaia MPGS14 Series Modules

Newsletter – October 2022


System Power Sequencing of Multiple Points of Load Utilizing Gaia MPGS14 Series Modules

Synchronizing the start-up sequence of separate functional sections of a larger multi-functional system may be needed to ensure reliable power-up and operation, often requiring different sub-circuit voltage levels.

Common examples of this are FPGA and CPU based designs that require multiple low voltages to power core functions as well as various I/O stages

The challenge for the designer is to apply the different voltages with the correct sequence and timings to meet each section’s specific requirement.

GAIA’S MPGS14EB is a highly configurable Military Grade Point of Load power module that features all necessary functions to achieve the most complex start-up sequences, greatly simplifying the designers job.

A typical application is shown below:
Application Note 005056 Sequencing and Synchronizing Several Points Of Load

MPGS14 Point Of Load Modules
The MPGS-14 are non-isolated buck point of load (PoL) power modules that feature an ultra-wide input voltage range of 4.75 – 36 volts, as well as adaptable timing for power system sequencing applications.

The MPGS14 Series is designed for use in local voltage conversion and can be used alone or in conjunction with isolated DC/DC converters as part of a highly efficient, distributed power system.


High-Rel Grade DC-DC modules are
designed specifically to meet key
Avionics/Defense performance
specifications for bus input compatibility,
EMI/RFI requirements, severe
environments and operating temperatures
of -40°C to +105°C (-55°C also available).
This line of products satisfies the
Department of Defense for Non
Development Items (NDI) and
Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS)

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