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The GRD-40A designates a full family of 400W low profile military grade COTS power supplies. The board includes EMI filters, reverse polarity protection, an inrush current limiter and input surge limiter in order to fully comply with usual Mil input bus standards such as Mil-Std-1275, and Mil-Std-704. The internal limiter sustains input bus disturbances from 12Vdc level given by MIL-STD1275 IES (Initial Engagement Surge) to 100Vdc surge level.

Several fixed output voltages from 3.3Vdc to 48Vdc are available. The outputs can be trimmed from 10% to 110% of nominal value. A share function allows the connection of several boards in parallel to boost output power. The power supply can be operated with a baseplate temperature ranging from -40 to 85°C.

The GRD-40A comes with 2 independent and isolated 200W output channels that can be connected in parallel, in series, or with a common line, and +/- outputs. The power connections are made through 4 mm studs, and the monitoring signals are available on standard low power connectors.

With 180 mm X 140 mm X 28 mm dimensions, the board can be ordered uncoated, coated, or with a metallic chassis hood. The GRD-40A is particularly suitable for demanding projects in various fields of application like ground borne vehicles or the navy.

With plug and play, the GRD-40A is intended to speed up design processes reducing time to market.

GRD-40 Series 400W C.O.T.S. Power Supply

  • Ready to use mil-aero 400W power supply
  • Input 10 to 45Vdc (transient 100Vdc/ 100ms)
  • Dual or single output configurable 3.3 to 52Vdc
  • 88% efficiency
  • 1500Vdc input to output isolation
  • Mil-STD-704 & Mil-STD461 compliant
  • Control and monitoring functions:
      – Power_out good
      – Output trim
      – Remote control
      – Paralleling
      – Over-current protection
      – Over-temperature protection
  • 1’’ Ultra low profile
Flexibility & Versatility​

The GRD-40A can be configured with several options. Outputs can be used independently or connected in parallel for higher power or in series for higher voltages. Configurations can be made by the user, or are pre-configured at the factory, allowing for maximum flexibility and versatility.

Selection Guide :

Available options

  • /C Cover option
  • /S Screening option
  • /T -55°C temperature range
  • /V Optional coating