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Railway / Transportation Industry

GAIA Converter offers high reliability components and power subsystems that are designed specifically for the needs of railway and transportation applications.


Customers use GAIA Converter’s products for many railway and transportation applications such as Embedded Computer Systems, Ground Control Systems, Passenger Information Displays, Man Machine Interfaces, Door Controls, Communication Systems, Video Surveillance Systems, Braking Systems, Axel Counters, Localization Systems, Lightning, Traction Controls, Climatic Systems, and more.


Railway and transportation power supplies have always been subjected to stringent requirements including transients, energetic spikes, and hold-up specifications.

GAIA Converter has a state-of-the-art range of products to cope with all these requirements, including:

  • FLHGI series for filtering, hold-up and spike according to EN50155, RIA12, IEC571 standards
  • LGDSI series for protection against surge/spike according to EN50155, RIA12, IEC571 standards
  • MGDxx series: a complete range of DC/DC modules from 4 to 500W power  that provide ultra wide input range and various output voltage combinations

Major Programs

Illustration RAIL
Intercity Trains, Locomotives, Urban Subways, Tramways, Rolling Stock and Signalling Equipments
  • Trains: TGV-A, KTX, TGV-2N, ICE2/3, AVE, ETR400/500, TAF, SBB, …
  • Coaches: MI2N, TER, TER2N, AGC, Talent, …
  • Locomotives: T13, E412, ES64, S252, BR481, AC6000, …
  • Subways: Citadis, Meteor, MF2000, M7, Lisboa, Mexico, Singapore, …
  • Tramways: Citadis, Sirio, Eurotram, Icentro, Combino, …
  • Local Rolling stock:
    – LRV’s: Arlanda, Gatwick, Frankfurt, OrlyVal, …
    – Busses: Civis, Cristalis, Cito, Agora, Ares, …
  • Signalling equipment:
    – Positionning systems, TPWS, wayside equipment
    ERTMS, ETCS, GPS-R, On-board Video, Data transmission, Eurobalis, …