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GAIA Converter provides high reliability components and power subsystems that are designed specifically to satisfy the needs of avionics applications.

All our high reliability products satisfy the requirements of avionics applications for input buses, EMI/RFI compatibility, and severe environments with extended operating temperatures from -40°C up to +105°C (-55°C optional).


Avionics power systems are subject to stringent requirements including transients, spikes, EMI, hold-up, and monitoring specifications.

 GAIA Converter offers a state-of-the-art range of products to cope with all these requirements, including:

  • FGDS series: EMI filters for compliance with DO-160 standards
  • PGDS/LGDS series for transient and drop-out voltage protection per DO-160 standards
  • HGMx series power factor corrected 115Vac to 28Vdc intermediate bus converters
  • HUGD/LHUG series for sustaining hold-up through buses with fault and advisory signals
  • MGDxx series, a complete range of DC/DC modules from 4 to 500W power that provide wide input range and various output voltage combinations, adjustments, and status/control capabilities.

Major Programs

Civil Aircrafts Applications
  • A320/330/340/350/380 Airbus series
  • B737NG/767/787 Boeing series
  • CRJ-100/200/700/900 Bombardier series
  • ERJ-135/140/145/170/190/195 Embraer series
  •  F2000/F7X/F5X Dassault VIP jet
  • CJ3/CJ4/XLSX Citation Cessna jet
  • G450/550/650 Gulfstream, VIP jet
  • L70/75/85 Learjet series
  • Legacy 600 Embraer jet
  • Lineage 1000 Embraer VIP jet
  • TBM700/850 Socata turboprop
Civil Helicopters Applications
  • AW109 light passenger helicopter
  • AW139 passenger/parapublic helicopter
  • EC120 Colibri/ EC130 Ecureuil light helicopter
  •  EC155 Dolphin medium lift multirole helicopter
  • EC175 medium utility helicopter
  • S-76 medium size passenger helicopter
  • S-92 medium lift helicopter
  • B206/407/412/429 helicopter series
  • B525 medium lift helicopter